Kids Can Dance Information and Policies

**We are a Nut-Free studio**


A yearly fee of $10.00 will be charged at registration. Registration Fees are due by the First Class your child attends. Registrations will be accepted for seasonal dance classes until September 30th unless classes are full.

Sessional Classes: A $10.00 registration fee is required once per dance season.


NEW!!!! Performance Based Classes and Recreational Based Classes

RECREATIONAL: Classes will run from Sept – May. Students will attend only one competition in Regina and recital. Costume is required. Dancers will be broken in to classes by age and experience.  Some recreational dancers may be encouraged to switch to performance based classes.  

PERFORMANCE: Classes will run from Sept – May. Students will attend four competitions including an out of province competition and recital. Costumes are required. Acro Exams are mandatory for performance based acro students. Enrollment in one Dance Foundations class is mandatory for all Performance classes.   Dancers are strongly encouraged to enroll in ADAPT jazz and tap exams.  Dancers who sign up for performance-based classes are excepted to attend all lessons each week.  After missing 3 lessons, you may be asked to step down from performance-based classes.  Performance based dancers will be required to attend 3-4 competitions including an out of province competition.  Dancers will train as large groups and then be broken in to smaller groups based on age, experience and levels of training once choreography begins.  Some performance based dancers may be required to switch to recreational based classes pending experience and attendance.    Performance based dancers will require a KCD Team jacket ordered in October.  (Approx $115.00)  These are mandatory for performance based dancers.

The out of province trip is NOT the Montreal trip.  That is a different OPTIONAL possible trip for dancers


A draft schedule will be posted on our website but is subject to change pending enrolment. Final schedules will be emailed out in August. Classes that do not meet the minimum number of students required will be combined or cancelled.

The class your child has been placed in may not be their final placement.  After a few weeks instructors may shuffle some of the students based on skills and ability.  Please keep this in mind. A final schedule can be made up to and including October.

Tuition Fees



Fees for seasonal classes are based on the number of classes throughout the entire season as opposed to each month. This allows for the variation of days in the month.  Each month, fees remain the same. We offer the following options to pay monthly fees.

Please do not send in tuition payment with registration. Please wait for class confirmation. All postdated cheques are due at the first class of the season.

Cheques can be dated for the 1st or the 15th of the month however all fees are due the first of the month. Cheques are made payable to “Kids Can Dance”. A fee of $25.00 will be charged for each returned cheque.

Credit card payments can only be processed in person during office hours. An additional 3% will apply to all credit card transactions.

E-transfers can be submitted to

Please use the following security question: Name of business and Password: kidscandance (no spaces or caps)

Please put the dancers name in the sender message to ensure fees are applied to the correct student.

Do not use personalized security questions or passwords.

There is a $10.00/month charge on all overdue accounts after the 15th of each month. All fees are subject to change.

NEW!!! We offer a 5 percent discount on annual tuition that is paid in full by September 30th, 2018 (Seasonal dancers only)

 Sessional Classes: Sessional fees are due at the first class. ALL SESSIONAL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

Volunteer Fees

Each seasonal family will be charged a $60 volunteer fee due by the 30th of September. Volunteer fees are non refundable. Opportunities to receive your volunteer fee paid back will be available throughout the year. (ie. Kids Can Dance hosts an annual dance competition “Dance Extravaganza” and many people are needed to run this competition.)

Performance Fees

    Each seasonal dancer is being charged a $50.00 performance fee for the 2018/2019 season. Performance fee is due by the      30th of September. Upon completion and successful attendance at all competitions, extra performances and recitals, this      fee will be returned to you or applied to the following years tuition.  Failure to attend a competition, extra performance or a      recital will result in no refund.  Refunds will be available at the end of the second KCD recital only.  

Costumes Fees

All dance costumes fees are due October 30th. Please either submit a postdated cheque for all costumes and/or uniforms at the first lesson or you can also send an e transfer closer to the date. A $10.00 late fee will be applied if costume fee has not been paid by due date.  Every effort is made to keep the fees reasonable. Measuring for costumes will be done in October/November. Costumes are ordered in child sizes (small, medium or large) or adult sizes (small, medium or large) and adjustments may need to be made. Any alterations will be your own responsibility.


2018/19 Dance Costume fees - $80/costume. Additional costs may be required at the time of order.

Sessional Classes: Students do not require a costume.


All seasonal dance students attend up to four local dance competitions. Competition season is typically March-May. Competitions are mandatory and participation is expected. Competitions are a great way to grow in confidence and stage presence. Competition fees are not included in monthly fees. There may be an opportunity for some students to attend an “out of province” competition.


Sessional Classes: Students do not participate in competitions.

Dress Code

Seasonal students must wear appropriate dance attire and footwear to class. Refer to the specifics on each page. Students dressed inappropriately for class will be asked to sit out. Click here to view our full list of class attire.

Water Bottles

Please ensure that your child brings a labelled water bottle to class. We do not have a fountain but have a tap to fill up. Students will need water so please remember each week.

Cell Phones

Students are not allowed to use cell phones during class time. Cell phones used during class time will be taken but can be picked up after class. We recommend that students do not bring cell phones and other valuables to the studio. Kids Can Dance is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Class Withdrawal

Notification of class withdrawal must be received by email or letter to the studio. If a student withdraws from class after costumes/uniforms have been ordered, the full price of the costume/uniform will be due upon departure.  No refunds will be given for costumes/uniforms after the order has been placed. Registration fees, volunteer fees, performance fees, and competition fees. Tuition Fees will only be refunded to the nearest complete month upon notification.

Solos/Duets and Trios

Seasonal dance students have the opportunity to participate in a solo, duet or trio for competitions. Choreography, costumes, extra rehearsal time and competition fees will be at your own expense.  A recital for all participants will be held before or after competition season. More info and sign up will be available in October.


All seasonal Dance students perform in the annual recital in May.  There will be a recital for the recreational dancers and a recital for the performance dancers. If your dancer is in both recreational and performance classes they will be in both recitals. A rehearsal will occur in the evening during the week leading up to Recital. Tickets will be sold for both performances starting May 1st.

The annual recital is part of the class commitment for the season. This performance is to celebrate all students for a very successful season and for all KCD students to showcase their hard work.  Please plan to attend and invite family and friends for a fun end to the season.



Regular attendance is expected and appreciated. There will be no refunds for students who miss classes.  Seasonal students who miss 3 classes may be required to take a private lesson at the discretion of their teacher. This private lesson is $25/30 min. Continual poor attendance may cause expulsion from the program entirely.  

Please keep your child at home if they are ill. If they are unable to dance but are able to watch their lesson, please bring them. A policy of three or more absences for seasonal students will be enforced. This may mean, that if a dancer misses 3 or more classes especially around competition time, they may be required to “sit out” of a competition. Details will follow if this policy needs to be enforced. The same goes for being late. Please be on time.

If your child is going to miss a class please call the studio 306-721-7837 and leave a message with your dancers name and class they will be missing.

A calendar for the entire year with studio closures and some important dates is available. Click here for the web page with the calendar.

Please use this as a reference when booking vacations.


For faster communication, we communicate as much as possible through email. Please ensure the office always has a current email address and phone number. Please check your emails regularly. If you wish to be removed from our email list please notify the office.

The website shows our most current information so please refer to this for schedules, notes, closures, new class offerings, etc. Bookmark for quick reference.

Parent Watch Week

Parents are welcome to wait in the waiting room during lesson time. We ask that parents do not wait/watch in the class

as it is distracting for both the teacher and for the dancers. Parents will be invited to watch their child’s lesson during a specific week in the fall and winter.


Please Do Not block the middle of the street even just to let your child out of the car. Please pay attention to “No Parking” signs and Do Not block the driveway across the street as well as vehicles in the lot on the southeast corner. The lot is available for parking however parking should be done on the street whenever possible.


Dancers are welcome to wait at the studio between their classes, but they must do so quietly in the waiting areas. If this becomes a problem, parents will be asked to supervise their child between classes.

Media Release

By registering at Kids Can Dance Studio you give consent for photos/videos to be taken during class time or studio events and understand that these may be used on our website, social media, brochures, advertising or any other future promotional material. (Names will not be used.)

Souvenir Photos

Group photos by a professional photographer are taken to capture the memories of the dance season. Photos are taken in March/April in the evening at the studio and all classes will be cancelled those two evenings.

Studio Cancellations

Classes cancelled due to studio obligations such as workshops, exams, competitions or special rehearsals will not be rescheduled. Cancellations due to weather or instructor’s illness will be rescheduled.


Students and/or parents assume responsibility for injuries incurred during normal class time or studio events. The studio or teacher should be informed of any activity or exercise that a student cannot participate in. All injuries must be reported to the studio immediately.  By registering at Kids Can Dance  you release the staff of any liability in the event of an accident or illness during time in class or at a studio event and give Kids Can Dance Studio staff the permission to take appropriate action should emergency medical treatment be needed. Damages caused by accidental, negligent or wrongful acts are at your expense.


Damages caused by accidental, negligent or wrongful acts are at your expense. Students and/or parents assume responsibility for any studio damages during normal class time, private lessons, private rehearsals, etc.


Any and all concerns will be considered valid and discussed outside of class time. If you have any concerns, please direct them to the Director in an open and productive manner. The Director reserves the right to suspend or expel any

student. The Director reserves the right to have final authority on all matters.   


          1350 Cornwall St. Regina, SK                                     306-721-7837                          


We have a handbook with an extensive list of policies and information. If you would like the handbook please contact us at