** Strongly encouraged for all dancers **  

This class is focused on technique at the barre, down the floor, and in the centre.  

Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles.

Recreational - 7 years & up  ($30/mos)

Performance - 7 years & up ($40/mos)

Performance Plus - additional  $30/mos


All Performance Ballet students must also be enrolled in: Jazz & Dance Foundations.

Class Attire


Pink leather ballet slippers

Solid black bodysuit - see note

Ballet pink tights

Hair in a bun


Black canvas shoes

Black shorts (not below the knee)

White muscle or t-shirt

**Note: bodysuits are built to fit the body snuggly and comfortable. Think of them to fit the same as a sports bra would. If your child’s bodysuit is loose, see-through, or too tight, you have got the wrong size. Dancers who may need to wear bras, should feel comfortable wearing a bodysuit without a bra on, however, may wear one.

Note: Ballet with Miss Brady is a strict NO bra rule for dancers. Should they feel extremely uncomfortable about it, they may speak with Miss Brady to make an arrangement. Wearing a bra changes the alignment of the body while dancing and a bodysuit should cover and fit comfortably without one.