HIP HOP      

Recreational - 5 years & up

Performance - 8 years & up

This Style of Dance has the choice between:

Recreational Based Class (1 competition and year end recitals)


Performance Based Class (4 competitions and year end recitals)

This is a high-energy, dynamic attitude class which develops self-expression and self-appreciation and involves precise rhythmic movements as seen in music videos.  

Hip Hop Class will be 45 minutes per week.

* All Boys Class (Ages 5-7) [Recreational based class]

* All Girls Class (Ages 5-7) [Recreational based class]

* Co-Ed Classes (Ages 8 and up ) [Recreational as well as Performance based classes Available]

*** Performance Based Students also Strongly Encouraged to enroll in Dance Foundations (not mandatory)***

Class Attire:

All Dancers: Loose fitting clothing (shorts, capris, t-shirts, tank tops, dance pants). No jeans are permitted.


All Dancers: White, indoor, non-scuffing runners. Runners must be all white with no print/stripe  and white laces.


Hair must be worn in a ponytail to each class.


Recreational - $25/month

Performance - $30/month