**This is a Performance Based Class**  

A class focused on technique at the barre, down the floor, and in the centre with a large emphasis on strengthening feet. Pre-Pointe dancers will be invited to purchase Pointe shoes

and dance on Pointe at the instructors discretion based on work ethic, attendance, and strength of the dancer. Prior to permission to purchase pointe shoes a readiness assessment will be required at the cost of the parent.

Performance - 12 years & up ($35/mos)

Students must have minimum of 2 years of Ballet experience.

All Performance Pointe students must also be enrolled in: Jazz, Ballet  & Dance Foundations.

Click here for Class Attire

Class Attire

Pink leather ballet slippers

Solid black bodysuit

Ballet pink tights

Hair in a bun

Pointe shoes if approved by instructor PRIOR to purchasing.