** Mandatory for All Performance Classes**

Performance - 7 years & up ($30/mos)  

At KCD, our philosophy is to teach students “how to dance,” not just “teach them dances.”

Learning dance technique is critical to a student’s success, and while taking classes that focus on choreography is fun; taking only those types of classes does not make a student a skilled dancer. Good technique will ensure a dancer’s longevity, prevent injuries, build strength and flexibility, dance vocabulary, theory and movement quality. Each of these acts as a piece of the dance puzzle students create each time they perform. A technically skilled dancer will have the ability to dance using correct alignment and with a mindful execution and understanding of the theoretical principles of their art.

In the same way that an NBA player needs to practice his free throw hundreds of times to build muscle memory and strength for when it counts, a dancer needs to practice their technique.


Class Attire


Pink leather ballet slippers

Solid black bodysuit - see note

Ballet pink tights

Hair in a bun


Black canvas shoes

Black shorts (not below the knee)

White muscle or t-shirt