*** Must be enrolled in Performance Tap or Performance Jazz ***

Jazz Exams - 7 years & up  ($30/mos until exam + exam fee)

Tap Exams - 7 years & up ($30/mos until exam+ exam fee)

ADAPT is an acronym which stands for: "Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers".  ADAPT is a certified "dance syllabus" offering yearly examinations in the dance disciplines of Tap, Jazz, and Ballet.  ADAPT represents an elite group of dance teachers who follow the ADAPT Syllabus and enter their students in the yearly examination process.  ADAPT dance teachers are leaders in quality dance training. They teach the love of dance and movement not only to the elite student, but to the recreational dancer as well.


ADAPT examinations and the examination process encourages each and every student to work harder so they may achieve their best personal potential and through ADAPT training help them to maintain that potential throughout their dance training years.

ADAPT examinations allow students to enjoy quality technical training, supporting good competitive values along with enhancing stronger performance abilities.

ADAPT examinations are a “goal” setter.  They are a memorable experience and present an opportunity for students to be critiqued and evaluated by professional dance master examiners on a yearly basis.

ADAPT examinations offer certification and successful candidates receive graded certificates.  High achievers also receive a special “Medal Of Merit Award”.

ADAPT examinations and training will help students to build stronger character, integrity and lasting moral values for their future.

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