Performance - 8 years & up ($30/mos + exam fee)

Acrobatic Arts Exams through our Acrodance Classes:

Acrobatic Arts is a program that is based on safe and effective progressions with proven results in five divisions of AcroDance: Flexibility, Strength, Balance, Limbering, and Tumbling. The examination process is designed to motivate dancers. Having defined and achievable goals is a proven way to motivate dancers to excel. There are twelve exam levels, each is designed to create a well balanced acrobat, including elements from the five divisions above. All students will train through Acrobatic Arts and work towards the exams.

All Performance dancers who are ready for their exams will be enrolled to do so. Any Recreational dancers that are ready for their exams will be invited to do so. Every dancer will work towards doing an exam each year. We work very hard on the skills for your dancers exam level. Sometimes it takes years to perfect certain acro skills and because of that not every dancer will do an exam every year. If your dancer did an exam last year but just isn’t ready to write the next level this year that is ok and expected. Some dancers may rewrite the previous years exam in order to obtain a higher score. Once you are able to do all skills for the next exam level you will do your exam.

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Attire for Exams

Girls: Bare Feet

Black Bodysuit

Capri Tights (mandatory)

Hair in French Braided Pig Tails

Boys: Bare Feet,

Black t-shirt (form fitting),

Black shorts (compression shorts)